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How to store your equipment when bikepacking zefal

How to store your equipment when bikepacking ?

To be equipped and to carry the necessary equipment in bikepacking is essential to be serene during your bike trip!

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long distance race zefal

How to prepare for a long distance race?

You want to test your cycling level? Then long distance races are made for you. Zéfal will guide you in your preparation!

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cycling holidays zéfal

How to prepare for cycling holidays?

The nice days are here and so is the time for vacations! This year you have decided to go on a cycling vacation, here is a guide that should help you to get organized!

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choose your saddle bag zefal

How to choose your saddle bag?

The saddle bag is often the first piece of equipment to be installed on your bike, which makes it important to choose it!

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z adventure r17

How to choose your bikepacking saddle bag

The saddle bag is essential for bikepacking but its choice is more complicated, Zéfal helps you to equip yourself well for a bike trip!

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partie vélo triathlon zefal

I am triathlon beginner, how to prepare the bike section?

The bike part of the triathlon can be difficult to understand for a beginner, here are some tips to prepare you well for this event with the advice of our Olympic athletes!

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k traz u13 zefal

How to maintain your bike lock, the good practices!

The tips and tricks to maintain your bike lock and keep it over time are here!

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bien choisir son antivol

How to choose my bike lock ?

Choosing the right lock is essential to avoid having your bike stolen! Key locks, code locks, type of locks... Zéfal guides you in your choice.

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entretenir son gravel zefal

How to properly maintain your Gravel ?

Gravel rides are not the cleanest of all, so it's important to maintain this type of bike properly!

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how to clean your bike zéfal

How to clean your bike ?

A clean bike is a bike that lasts! Learn how to clean your bike after a dirty ride!

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mudguard gravel road bike zéfal

How to choose your Gravel and Road mudguard ?

Protect yourself well on a bike, discover how to choose your mudguard if you are a gravel or road cyclist!

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garde-boue vtt zéfal

How to choose your MTB mudguard ?

Winter is here and you don't want to find yourself covered in mud and water after only a few kilometers? It's time to get a mudguard!

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top 10 cadeaux de noel zéfal

Top 10 best Zéfal's Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming and you still don’t know what to offer to a cyclist or a bike commuter? This top 10 Zéfal’s product is here for you!

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top 10 accessoires zéfal

Top 10 must-have bike accessories

Bicycles have become a real alternative to the car when it comes to getting to work. Discover the top 10 must-have bike accessories with Zéfal!

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How to choose your mirror?

Find the right bike mirror for your practice.

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How to protect my frame?

Part 2 

A few tips to protect my frame

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How to protect my frame?

A few tips to protect it from bumps and scratches

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How to maintain a bottle?

The right reflexes to adopt

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Customise your water bottles

Discover the customised bottles configurator

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zéfal mt mini

How to choose a mini pump?

Every good cyclist has a mini-pump, but does it fit your riding? Discover the specificities of MTB mini-pumps, road mini-pumps and the different types of mini-pumps according to your needs.

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lutter chaleur triathlon zefal dorian coninx leonie periault

How to fight the heat in triathlon? 

Find out how our Olympic medalists Léonie Périault and Dorian Coninx fight the heat in a triathlon. 

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