Our mission

We maintain your passion alive by allowing you to advance, sharing intenses senses. All these reasons make us want to design, in France and for over 140 years, innovative, reliable, successful products. And to improve them by staying permanently attentive because you are at the heart of cycle. We will always achieve more through your passion.


A family history

Matthieu and Aurélien Brunet represent the 5th family generation at the head of the company. These two sporty brothers are keen to continue the work of innovation and quality that has been carried out for generations on these premises.

Zéfal is a large family made up of a hundred employees working together on the same site, in Jargeau in the Loiret region. The co-construction mode of teamwork allows everyone to give their point of view and be heard by the other members of the team.


Innovative accessories...

100% of our product are conceived and designed by cycling enthusiasts. Zéfal is at the origin of many innovations that have marked the history of cycling, and our teams perpetuate this permanent research by offering you accessories that are always more efficient thanks to innovative technologies.

...sustainable and high quality !

All of our bicycle accessories are subjected to high-level testing in our research and development centre. Endurance tests, waterproofing tests, resistance tests, not to mention tests under real conditions carried out by professionals and enthusiasts. Every effort is made to put the products you use to the test.


French Manufacturing

More than 60% of Zéfal accessories are manufactured in France, in our factory based in Jargeau, Loiret. During the creation of our accessories, we analyse all the industrialization options in order to offer you a product made in France when possible. At Zéfal, we prefer to offer you durable quality at an affordable price.

In 2017 we won our bet by relocating the production of the Profil Max FP60 floor pump to our factory in France. A 100% French floor pump, with a resolutely vintage style thanks to its wooden handle from the Jura Forests.

Zéfal and the French Fab

Zefal is a member of the French Fab. The French Fab embodies the companies located in France that recognize themselves in the will to develop the French industry. The objectives of the French Fab are to:

  • - Stimulate the growth of industries
  • - Give visibility and pride to the actors who make the French industry
  • - Accelerate the transformation of the industry in France
French Fab

And why "Zéfal" ?

Zéfal is the combination of Zephyr, the personification of the wind in Greek mythology, and Duralumin (an aluminium alloy) used in the manufacture of the first Zéfal pump in 1934. The name of the company has changed several times during its history. Since 1998, the company has taken the name of its main brand, Zéfal.

Over 140 years of experience


E.Sclaverand, inventor of the Presta valve, founds the Etablissements E.Sclaverand of metal turning in Paris.


1st patent filed by E.Sclaverand (pneumatic stamp).


The brothers Alcide, Félix and Alfred Rousseau create their company AFA in Paris.


Etienne Sclaverand receives the silver medal at the Chicago World's Fair.


Registration of a new toe-clip system by the AFA company.


Edouard-Charles Morin buys the Sclaverand company.



Louis Poutrait acquires the AFA establishment.


The Poutrait establishments acquire exclusive rights to the toe-clip developed by Eugène Christophe.


Morin establishments register its first 2 trademarks: Rafale and Tornade.


Poutrait's product developments are rewarded with the victory in the European Grand Prix of the Alfa Romeo equipped with the Excelsior AFA shock absorber.


Presentation of the extra-light "Zéfal" pump, made entirely of duralumin.


The Poutrait and Morin establishments merge and take the name Poutrait-Morin


Creation of a factory in Jargeau in the Loiret.



Launch of the Solibloc pump. The first pump designed without a bottom.



Creation of the HP pump. The first frame pump that can reach high pressures.


Poutrait-Morin receives the Oscar for export from the French government for its international sales performance.


Invention of the first mini telescopic MTB pump. The Mini Double Shot.


Launch of the bottles range.



The company leaves the Paris region for good to set up its head office on the production site in Jargeau in the Loiret.


Poutrait-Morin take the name of its most popular brand, Zéfal.


Zéfal continue to diversify into bycicle accessories through external growth. New product are incorporated into the Jargeau factory following the purchase of several companies (mudguards, luggage rack, lubricants, rim tapes).


Matthieu Brunet becomes CEO. With his brother Aurélien, they are the 5th generation (Morin family) at the head of the family business.


Eurobike Gold Award for the innovation of the Lock'N Roll anti-theft system. Subsequently, a whole range of anti-theft devices is launched and confirms Zéfal's expertise in bicycle safety (bell, mirrors).


Launch of the Profil Max FP60 floor pump, with manufacturing relocated to France.


Long-distance cycling is a passion for Zéfal staff and the brand is fully committed to this new practice by offering luggage and other accessories.



Change of logo and graphic identity.


Launch of the Pulse L2 bottle cage, 18g only, made in France.