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Winter, its wind, rain and sometimes snow, but above all its cold temperatures, is no reason to put your bike in the garage. It's the perfect season for invigorating, cool rides! However, given the conditions, you'll need to be well-equipped to make the most of these rides, so here's a guide to winter cycling essentials, to ensure pleasant winter outings!

Thermal equipment for cyclists

Winter is a wet season where temperatures drop sharply. You'll quickly be confronted with the harshness of this season. To stay warm and dry, opt for appropriate bike thermal clothing and don't hesitate to multiply your layers, following the 3-layer rule! For example, a technical underwear, an insulating intermediate clothing and, last but not least, a raincoat or windbreaker, depending on the weather! This will keep you dry for as long as possible. And don't forget to cover your extremities with gloves, a hat and a neck warmer, so you don't get sick.

To keep your body at the right temperature and make sure you're warm when you need to be, take along hot drinks kept at the right temperature for a couple of hours in isothermal bottles. An alternative to isothermal bottles are stainless steel bottles, which will keep your drink at the right temperature for several hours! Cold weather can increase your energy expenditure, as your body will need more time to warm up. It's therefore important to refuel regularly, as in summer, even if signs of fatigue such as heat or sweat are less obvious to detect! Equip yourself with our isothermal water bottles, the Arctica Pro 55 and 75, which will keep your hot drink at the right temperature for over 2 hours! And don't forget energy snacks to recharge your batteries, such as a gel or cereal bar.

Winter cycling essentials

Winter bike equipment

Now that you're well equipped, it's time to get your bike ready for winter! Start by protecting your bike from the elements by choosing a suitable mudguard that will protect your bike from splashes and projectiles, as well as yourself from dirt. To help you in your selection of mudguards, here are various guides on how to choose the right MTB mudguard and how to choose the right Gravel and Road mudguard.

If you're an avid bikepacker, even in winter, or if you never go out without your little frame or saddle bag, consider choosing a waterproof bike bag that will keep your stuff dry and warm. What's more, you can slip in dry clothes for a more comfortable mid-ride change! You can find all our waterproof bags here!

Shorter days and bad weather can reduce visibility. Good lighting is therefore essential on your bike if you want to see properly, but also to be seen! Choose powerful front and rear lights to signal your presence to other road users.

Turn signals can also be useful, especially for inner-city outings during the winter. You can also wear reflective clothing to increase your visibility - a yellow jacket is one solution!

Rough roads increase the risk of mechanical failure during winter, so you'll need to be well equipped with repair tools to deal with any problems. Tubeless or inner tube repair kits, tire levers, repair sprays or even a mini-pump, you clearly don't want to get a puncture in the rain in the middle of a forest at 5°C with no tools to repair your bike... Find all our repair products here!

Last but not least, don't forget to clean your bike thoroughly after every ride, because winter can be a tough period for your bike! Degrease the chain, clean the frame, check the tire pressure... Discover our article on how to clean your bike!

Cycling in winter will therefore require a few adjustments compared to other seasons, in order to adapt to the particular conditions of this season. In fact, it's crucial to plan your outing in advance, keeping an eye on the weather forecast and keeping in mind that you can adapt your route at the last minute if conditions become too dangerous! By keeping these winter essentials in mind, you'll be able to enjoy your bike all year round, even when temperatures drop, so get out there and enjoy the fresh air!