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Enduro and DH MTB are activities that put your bike to the test. As you ride steep, rocky slopes and forests, your bike is vulnerable to branches, rocks and other natural elements that can quickly damage your bike, its frame and mechanical parts. Find out in this guide how to protect your Enduro / DH mountain bike!

Why protecting your bike ?

Protecting your bike is essential for its longevity. The better protected and maintained it is, the longer it will last. To help you, here's our guide on how to properly clean your bike!

Protecting your bike means not only better performance over time, but also a reduced risk of breakage, since components such as the frame and mechanical parts will be less likely to be damaged during your outings (in the forest or mountains in particular). Less breakage also means fewer parts to change regularly on the bike. You'll be able to keep your bike parts, and save money in the process (not to be underestimated when buying a new bike!).

Protecting your bike and preserving its various parts also helps maintain its basic value, so you can resell your bike at a good price. The more your bike is protected, the less its value will decrease, since you'll avoid damaging it. A simple cleaning will be necessary at the time of resale.

How to protect your Enduro / DH mountain bike ?

Now you know why it's important to protect your bike, so equip yourself accordingly! Here's a short list of products that will help you preserve your frame and mechanical parts, even during the roughest rides:

+ Skin Armor : This high-strength invisible protection, available in a range of sizes, protects your frame from scratches and rubbing. Easy to install, it's available in gloss and matte versions, to make it as discreet as possible and perfectly match your bike's finish.

+ CS Armor : This protection prevents the chain from hitting the frame directly and damaging it. Thicker than Skin Armor, it is fitted to the frame chainstay or swingarm, and acts as a buffer, providing effective protection while attenuating noise. Like the above protectors, it is water, tear and puncture resistant, as well as peel-proof (resistant to high-pressure washing!). ATVs generally come with basic protection, but this is often minimalist and of limited duration.

DT Armor : It protects your downtube from impacts and stone projections, while limiting noise. Water, tear and puncture resistant, it's the ideal protection for mountain bikers looking to protect their carbon or aluminum frames. Also available in XL version for eBikes in particular!

+ Mudgards : Front, rear or in a pack, we offer a wide range of mudguards, from the lightest and most minimalist to the most protective. Whether you're looking for protection for the rider or for your bike's components (fork seals, shock absorbers or suspension links), you're sure to find the right product for your needs.

+ Crank Armor : They protect your cranks from rubbing and stone projections. Available in several colors, in standard or XL sizes, for carbon or aluminum cranks, you're sure to find the right model for your equipment (see compatibility chart on our website).

All these items provide maximum protection for your bike, from the various parts of the frame to all the mechanical parts. And don't forget to protect your bike during transport, when it's most vulnerable to rubbing or breakage.