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Maintaining your bike is essential, whether you're a competitor or an amateur, as it will save you a lot of mechanical trouble! A mountain bike requires much more maintenance than any other bicycle, because it's usually muddy and dirty. That's why we'll explain in this article how to properly maintain your mountain bike!

Clean your mountain bike regularly

Bike maintenance means bike cleaning! In a previous article, we explained how to properly clean your bike. It's a good idea to clean your bike after every outing to avoid the accumulation of dirt. You can use our Ecocert bike cleaner : the Bike Shampoo. As mentioned in our introduction, mountain biking is a relatively dirty sport, and you'll quickly accumulate mud, leaves and pebbles on the trails, which will find their way all over your frame and mechanical parts. If you don't clean them regularly, these same areas will deteriorate quicker, leaving you exposed to breakage.

It's also important to take a look at your mechanical parts, as this is where breakage is likely to occur. We're talking here about your chain, chainrings, derailleur, derailleur pulleys, cranks and pedals, not forgetting your disc brakes, which you need to keep in good condition, given their importance in mountain biking. There are 3 main stages for these parts: cleaning with a water jet or specific brushes, degreasing with a degreaser to remove grease residues, and finally lubricating the chain after complete degreasing. This will help to maintain them and, above all, extend their life. To help you, here's an article on how to maintain the mechanical parts of your bike!

Adjustments and inspection of your MTB

A regular check-up of your MTB won't be too much! Start by checking your tire pressure. You'll need to adjust them according to your riding style and preferences. To help you do this, follow our guide on how to choose the right mountain bike tire pressure! You'll need to have confidence in your brakes for singles and downhills, so take care of them! Check your discs for wear and use a disc brake cleaner like our Disc Brake Cleaner to clean them.

Make sure your derailleur is working properly and adjust it if necessary. Check your gear shifting at the same time, to ensure a smoother ride. This can be done at the same time as cleaning the mechanical parts. Make sure you maintain your suspension by adjusting the pressure of your forks and shock absorbers, especially on full-suspension bikes! Finally, to maintain your mountain bike to the maximum, you can check its geometry, particularly at frame and handlebar level, as well as the tension of bolts and various fasteners.

Protect and maintain your mountain bike

Finally, to keep your bike in good condition, it's important to protect it from scratches and mechanical failures. We recommend that you apply a Skin Armor to your frame to protect it from scratches, rubbing and projectiles. You can also opt for a mudguard, especially in winter, to protect both you and your bike. Storing your mountain bike is also an important aspect of its maintenance. You'll need to store it in a dry place to avoid dampness and rust, but also to protect it from direct sunlight, which can damage it over time.

Finally, the last piece of advice is to have your machine serviced periodically by a professional! No matter how well you know your machine, having it overlooked by a professional mechanic ensures that your bike is thoroughly checked from time to time, especially if you're an intensive mountain biker..

By following these tips, you'll be able to enjoy your mountain bike for longer, with an overall pleasant and, above all, reliable experience!