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Top 10 must-have bike accessories

Efficient in traffic jams, environmentally friendly and much cheaper than a car, the advantages of cycling are numerous. Encouraged by certain companies (kilometre allowance for cycling, company bikes, etc.), many city dwellers now prefer the bicycle to the car or to crowded public transport to get to work. It is important to know how to equip yourself when you start cycling in order to improve your safety. Here is a selection of essential accessories for your travels.

For your safety

Reflective waistcoats can save your life! Anything that improves your visibility should be adopted, including flashy clothing.

To ride safely, we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet. Although it is not yet compulsory, it is an essential protection. The size of the helmet is very important: too big or too small it will not protect you properly in case of a fall.

In addition to being compulsory, it is essential for your safety on the road. Indeed, the bell allows you to be heard and respected on the road, especially as cycle paths are becoming more and more frequented. 

Classic Bike Bell

ktraz-u13 zéfal

The KTraz-U13 padlock on its stand

A rear view mirror to have eyes in the back of your head

This accessory will allow you to keep an eye on what's going on behind you in order to manage and anticipate any situation. For great visibility, the ZL Tower 80 is a must! With an 80 cm² unbreakable ABS chrome mirror, it ensures great visibility during your journeys.  For more information on bike mirrors, see the article: "How to choose your mirror?

To secure your bike

Don't forget to secure your bike. The minimum is the U-shaped lock. This is an effective and dissuasive system that locks the frame and the rear wheel to the fixed point. If you add a strong chain or cable to reinforce your installation, you will dissuade more than one thief. The majority of our anti-theft range, such as the K-Traz U13, has a bracket to fix your anti-theft device to the bike during your ride.

Clean in all conditons

The weather can be unpredictable and, like everyone else, you don't want to arrive at work soaking wet and dirty. The solution? The mudguard set! If it rains or if your route involves rough roads, they'll be your best bet to keep your wheels from splashing. Find your ideal set. here

Puncture repair kit

There's nothing worse than having to explain a half-hour delay to your management because of a puncture! So it's essential to carry these few tools to deal with the situation. Having a repair kit with you is highly recommended, consisting of at least: a mini-pump, an inner tube and a patch kit.

But the best solution to avoid delays is to use Repair Spray, an anti-puncture spray that will allow you to complete your journeys in the event of a puncture. Beware, this is a temporary solution. You will have to change the inner tube the same evening. 

The storage bag for easy transport    

If your bike has a luggage rack, opt for waterproof storage bags with a universal attachment system! They will allow you to carry your spare items, laptop or lunch on your bike and not on yourself. If you want a 2-in-1 backpack or pannier with a stylish, minimalist design, the Urban Backpack or Urban Messenger will satisfy you.  

Always be connected

To make your travel easier, consider using the bike mode on your smartphone's GPS applications to optimise your journeys. There are two options for attaching your phone, using a universal mount or a dedicated mount for your smartphone model. 

bike kit zéfal

Bike kit

Universal phone holder


Hydration is often overlooked in everyday life. Even on a short ride, it is important to be able to hydrate. It is necessary to equip your bike with a bottle holder to have easy access to your water bottle.

The Sense Soft range with its sleek design will satisfy you, the bottle is made of an odourless and BPA-free material that will keep your water clean and pure. If you are still cycling in the heat, an insulated bottle such as the Arctica will keep your drink cool.

You are now ready, no more excuses for not cycling to work, these accessories will allow you to arrive at work safely, saving money while being environmentally responsible.