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Repair Spray

Repair spray for flat tyres: repairs and reinflates instantly.
Our Repair Spray repairs and instantly reinflates flat tyres without having to change the inner tube. This type of rapid and simple fix allows you to continue your ride without having to do a repair. The fix isn't long-lasting as the product that is injected dries out in a few days. It is advisable to change the inner tube or to repair it. The Repair Spray becomes less effective against punctures larger than 2mm.

Quick and easy

No need to change the inner tube whilst out.

Compatible with all types of bike

All types of tyres - tubeless or standard with inner tubes.

Easy to carry

Compact, it can be attached to the bike with a mounting system.


Enduro / DH
Road / Triathlon
160g (150ml) / 110g (100ml) / 90 g (75ml)
150ml (ref. 1129) - 100ml (ref. 1126) - 100ml with mounting system (ref. 1128) - 75ml (ref. 1127)

The advantages of this accessory

Compatible with all types of bike

All types of tyres -  tubeless or standard  with inner tubes. 

Easy to carry


Directions for use

1. Find and remove the object causing the puncture. 2. Turn the wheel so the valve is at the top (at 12 o'clock position). 3. Vigorously shake the aerosol for a while. 4. Choose the correct fitting for your valve (the aerosol has two fittings: Presta and Schraeder). 5. Securely screw the fitting on the valve. 6. Empty the contents of the aerosol into the tyre. NB: at this point, the aerosol should be face down. 7. Turn the wheel to ensure an even distribution of the product. 8. Cycle 1 to 2 km then reinflate your tyre to the right pressure. Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurized container: may explode under the effect of heat. Toxic to aquatic life causing long-term harmful effects. If medical attention is needed, take this container or label. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and all other sources of ignition. No smoking. Don't spray near a naked flame or any other source of ignition. Don't pierce or burn even after use. Keep away from direct sunlight. Do not expose to temperatures above 50°C / 122°F. Dispose of the contents / container according to local regulations. Do not use for a usage other one than the one for which the product is intended.


Product designed by our R&D department and made in France.

Quality commitment

The commitment to quality is one of our major concerns. If you encounter any difficulties with this product, please contact our quality department.

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