How do I clean your range of bags?

Zéfal’s range of bags can be put in a washing machine. Or, you can wash the bags by hand in soapy water. We do not recommend drying them using a tumble dryer.

Are your saddle bags compatible with all stems and seat rails?

Yes, they can be fit to all saddles with a classic post (T-fix or Double Strap). The way of attaching them to the stem is universal.

Is the Z Hydro water bag BPA-free?

Yes, like our bottles, we guarantee that our water bladders are free from bisphenol A. The tube and the mouth piece are also certified for food contact.

Are your saddle bags waterproof?

The most waterproof model is the Iron Pack It’s the best suited bag for rainy weather. The other bags will keep things dry for light showers.

How do I maintain the inside of a Bladder 2L hydration pack?

Rinse it well after each outing, especially if you use an energy product. Once rinsed, dry it open. If mould develops, use bottle sterilisation tablets (available in pharmacies).

What is the minimum saddle height to mount the Z Advenure R17?

Between 140 and 180 mm from the saddle rail.

Do the given volumes of the saddlebags correspond to the exterior volume or to the actual interior storage volume?

The volumes communicated correspond to the actual volumes, which we verify by filling the saddlebags.

Does the 180mm indicated for one of the dimensions of the Z TRAVELER 60 correspond to its width across the luggage rack?

The Z Traveler 60 has the following dimensions: length 320 mm/width 180 mm/height 220 mm.

What should I do if my Z Adventure saddle bag comes into contact with the saddle clamp?

If there is contact between the saddle clamp and the saddle bag, to avoid any risk of damage to the latter, we advise you : - Switch to a screw clamp if it is a lever clamp, - turn it over so that the part with the screw is towards the front of the bike.

Are your bag racks suitable for all bikes?

Zéfal bag racks are designed for all types of bikes. The RAIDER R70 and RAIDER R50 just need screw holes on the frame, like most mountain, road and urban bikes have. The RAIDER R30 is mounted to the seat post meaning there should be no concerns over its compatibility except if the seat post isn’t round.

Can Zéfal bag racks be used with branded competitor bags?

The RAIDER 50RAIDER FRONT and RAIDER R70 bag racks are compatible with side panniers with traditional fixings on the structure. Be wary of bespoke, unique fixings from other brands as they will not necessarily be compatible with Zéfal bag racks.

Which of your bag racks are compatible with disc brakes?

All of our bag rack models are compatible with bikes with disc brake except for RAIDER R50. Its mounting system won’t let a disc pass.

Which model of bag rack would you suggest for a full-suspension bike?

The RAIDER R30 bag rack is the most practical model for rear-suspension bikes as it fits to the seat post. It is important to note that the maximum load is 9kg because this type of suspension makes that part of the bike the most mobile.

Can I put a bag rack on my carbon fibre bike?

We do not recommend putting bag racks on bikes with a carbon fibre frame or using the RAIDER R30 on a carbon fibre seat-post.

Can I remove a wheel without removing the bag rack?

The fixings for our bag racks are either on the frame or on the seat post. The wheel is therefore independent and can be removed.

How do I attach the lighting to the RAIDER R70?

Our racks have a plate at the back with different holes that correspond to the standard centre distances of a large number of lights on the market. This plate is also essential for the approval of the products according to the ISO 11243 standard.

Are the racks compatible with child seats?

The RAIDER R50 and RAIDER R70 carriers are compatible with the use of an approved child seat, up to a maximum total load of 27kgs.

Is the Bike Kit compatible with mountain bike / electric mountain bike use?

Yes, it is compatible with mountain bike use. However, it is necessary to mount it on the stem or on the horizontal tube of the frame. Mounting on handlebars is not recommended for mountain bike use.

Are the O-rings of the Z Bike Mount resistant? Low temperature, high temperature, vibration?

Yes, they are durable and are subject to precise controls. As we supply two pairs, you should use the ones that best fit the mounting area (stem or frame). Do not use a small diameter with excessive extension. The fact that the mount moves slightly is a good thing for the smartphone. Because all shocks and vibrations will not be transmitted to the device but will be partially dissipated in the O-rings