Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
  • Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
  • Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
  • Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
  • Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
  • Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
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Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2

Side-opening bottle cage with 2 additional holders

The Pulse Z2i is a side-opening bottle cage, ideal for those that don't have enough space in their frame or for those that are looking for a better way of transporting bike accessories (Enduro, Bikepacking...). 

2 additional holders have been added onto this bottle cage. On one side, there is a frame for a small CO2 inflator (like our EZ Big Shot) and a cartridge (up to 25 g), whilst on the other side, there is an universal holder which can carry any item with a diameter of 20 to 32 mm (most minipumps, cartridges...)


Reversible for right or left hand

Makes it easy to access the bottle no matter what type of frame.

Adapts to all types of frame

Designed for frames missing access (electric MTB, enduro MTB, Gravel).

CO2 holder

for smaller inflators (like our EZ Big Shot) and a cartridge (16 or 25 g).

Universal holder

for diameters of 20 to 32 mm.


Reinforced fibre-glass material.

They approve


52 g
Composite - reinforced fibre-glass
Product reference
Nylon with silicone
Included with the product
1 x EZ Big Shot
1x Pulse Z2i
2 x CO2 25 g
Screws included

The advantages of this accessory

pulse z2i porte bidon zefal

Bottle cage with Co2 holder

2 accessory holders directly integrated into the bottle cage to carry a small inflator or cartridge.

Suitable for all types of frames

Designed primarily for frames lacking access and perfect for transporting accessories.

pulse z2i co2 porte bidon zéfal

pulse z2i porte bidon zefal

Equipped bottle cage

The Pulse Z2i CO2 comes with 2 CO2 cartridges!

Reversible bottle cage

The Pulse Z2i is a side-entry bottle cage that can be mounted in both directions.

pulse z2i porte bidon zéfal

Our advices and commitments

Design / Manufacture

Product designed by our R&D department and manufactured in our factory in France.

Quality / Promise

Our quality team and R&D team use clearly defined procedures to regularly test the bottle cage's grip of the bottle. It must be easy to remove the bottle by hand whilst also maintaining an excellent grip so that the bottle doesn't fall out.

Questions and answers

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