Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
  • Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
  • Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
  • Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
  • Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
  • Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
  • Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2
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Pulse Z2i - Kit Co2

Reversible bottle cage with C02 inflator

This product is a compact and integrated solution for hydration and inflation in the field. Easily integrated into frames where space is at a premium, this bottle cage features the EZ Big Shot CO2 inflator and two 25g cartridges, ideal for quick inflation of wide MTB or eMTB tyres. 

Designed in two parts, the bottle cage is reversible for right or left-hand use, making the bottle easier to access. Adjustable, it allows you to optimise the space available in your frame and accommodate water bottles of varying capacity depending on the geometry of your bike.



Makes it easy to access the bottle. Right or left-hand mounting.

Quick repair

C02 EZ Big Shot inflator and 25g x2 cartridges included.

Adapts to all types of frame

Ideal for eMTB, enduro MTB, gravel.

Universal holder

For accessories diameters 20 to 32 mm.


Reinforced fibre-glass material.

They approve


280 g
Glass fibre-reinforced polyamide
125 x 105 x 155 mm
Product reference
Nylon with silicone
Included with the product
1 x C02 Ez Big Shot inflator
1 x Pulse Z2i Reversible bottle cage
2 x C02 25g Threaded cartridges
Screws included

The advantages of this accessory

pulse z2i porte bidon zefal

Bottle cage with Co2 holder

2 accessory holders directly integrated into the bottle cage to carry a small inflator or cartridge.

Suitable for all types of frames

Designed primarily for frames lacking access and perfect for transporting accessories.

pulse z2i co2 porte bidon zéfal

pulse z2i porte bidon zefal

Equipped bottle cage

The Pulse Z2i CO2 comes with 2 CO2 cartridges!

Reversible bottle cage

The Pulse Z2i is a side-entry bottle cage that can be mounted in both directions.

pulse z2i porte bidon zéfal

Our advices and commitments

Mounting instructions

Apply a thin layer of grease to the threads of the screws before screwing. This will prevent seizure and facilitate future removal. You can use our Pro II Grease. Tighten moderately with a 4mm hex key.

Directions for use

1.Unscrew the cartridge from its holder.
2. Screw the cartridge on the inflator as tight as possible. The cartridge is now set so do not unscrew it.
3. Turn the wheel so the valve is at the top (at 12 o'clock).
4. For a Presta valve, you must unscrew the core of the valve.
5. Put the opening of the inflator on the valve (it has a universal opening suitable for all valves)
6. Inflate by turning the entire cartridge / silver case upwards.
7. The up and down movement of the cartridge and case regulates the air injected in.
8. When the tire is inflated, remove the product.
9. Caution, please make sure that the cartridge is completely empty before replacing it.


Product designed by our R&D department and manufactured in our factory in France.

Quality commitment

The bottle retention of our bottle cages is regularly tested based on protocols defined by our quality department and design office. The handling of the bottle must be easy while ensuring excellent retention that completely prevents the bottle from falling.

Questions and answers

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