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Christmas is coming, it's time to find the gifts that will delight everyone under the tree. Are you looking for gifts for a cyclist, no matter what kind of cycling they do?You're in the right place! Discover the Top 10 best Zéfal products for Christmas! Specific practice or generic gift, small price or not, there will be everything.

Gifts to protect his bike

To keep his bike as long as possible, it is important to protect it well, no matter what bike practice you do. Zéfal gives you some gift ideas that will delight the youngest as well as the most experienced cyclists for Christmas!

Kid MTB Mudguard

This set of mudguards is ideal for your children. It’s composed of a side and rear mudguards and is very easy to install. It will protect your child from dirt while riding with his friends! Moreover, this mudguard set comes with 4 stickers to customize it as you wish!

kid mtb mudguard zefal

shield g50 zéfal

Shield G50

Do cyclists love to ride on rough trails and in the woods but always come out covered in mud? Tired of seeing your spouse arrive covered in mud after a ride? The Shield G50 is the perfect gear to give to a gravel cyclist this Christmas!

Skin Armor

Looking for a budget-friendly product for Christmas? The Skin Armor is an idea not to be overlooked. The Skin Armor is a high resistance frame protection against impacts and scratches. With its 4 different sizes, there is a size for every type of frame and practice. Perfect for protecting the new bike you're getting for Christmas!

More information on how to protect your bike here and here!

skin armor zéfal

Hydration, gifts that will please!

Hydration is an important aspect of cycling or bike commuting. Bottles are an appreciated gift by cyclists for their function but also for their look! Discover the best gift ideas from the Zéfal hydration range to put under the Christmas tree on December 25th.

Sense Soft & Sense Soft No Mud

Beautiful and practical, they are the Sense Soft! Available in 4 colors, these efficient and light bottles are the ideal accessory for cyclists. For the more adventurous who like to ride off the path, the No Mud version with its cap that keeps the nozzle clean in all circumstances will be a great alternative.

sense soft & sense soft no mud zéfal

pulse z2 & sense soft 50

Set Pulse Z2 & Sense Pro 50

Composed of the Pulse Z2 bottle cage and the Sense Pro 50 bottle, this kit is the ideal Christmas gift for an Enduro mountain biker! This kit was created for frames lacking access thanks to the side entry offered by the Pulse Z2 and the optimized size of the Sense Pro 50.

Find the perfect bike bag for a cyclist, bikepacker or bike commuter

With the rise of bikepacking the last few years, bicycle bags has become more and more popular and it can be a great gift idea for Christmas! Whether it's for long or short distance ride, here are some Zéfal bags gift ideas.

Z Adventure F10

This lightweight handlebar bag is the bikepacker's main asset! It's ideal for carrying lightweight gear. It also guarantees to keep your gear dry in any weather! Moreover, it can be installed, uninstalled, opened and closed very easily thanks to its self-gripping straps.

z adventure f10

z adventure r17

Z Adventure R17

Anticipating the long bikepacking trips of spring, this is an idea that will delight many cyclists under the Christmas tree. The Z Adventure R17 will be the perfect gift! This saddle bag allows you to carry a lot of volume on your bike without having to install a rack.

Urban Backpack

The Urban Backpack is a stylish backpack perfect for the daily commuter cyclist. It is fully equipped as a city backpack and can carry a large volume of belongings and/or a laptop (15"). The best thing about this backpack is that it is equipped with an attachment system to carry it on a rear rack!

urban messenger zéfal

Urban Messenger

Like the Urban Backpack, the Urban Messenger is a perfect gift for the daily bicycle commuter! This stylish, durable and practical 11-liter shoulder bag is designed for use on and off the bike. It is also equipped with a universal attachment system to be fixed to a rear rack.

Every cyclist's mandatory step, inflation

The inflation of the tires is the step by which every cyclist must pass, whatever his bike or his practice. It’s a recurrent step and offering a bicycle pump to a cyclist will always prove useful. Plus, it's a gift that will last over time!

Profil Max FP65

The Profil Max FP65 universal foot pump made in our factory in Jargeau, France, is a useful and quality gift to put under the tree on December 25th. Compatible with all valves, it’s very easy for everyone to inflate their tires to the right pressure thanks to its digital pressure gauge.

profil max fp65

Here are some gift ideas that will surely delight cycling fans under the Christmas tree! Whether it's protection, hydration, luggage or inflation, these different Zéfal gifts are sure to please cyclists, no matter what their practice or equipment!