Pulse Z2 & Sense Pro 50 bottle cage set
  • Pulse Z2 & Sense Pro 50 bottle cage set
  • Pulse Z2 & Sense Pro 50 bottle cage set
  • Pulse Z2 & Sense Pro 50 bottle cage set
  • Pulse Z2 & Sense Pro 50 bottle cage set
  • Pulse Z2 & Sense Pro 50 bottle cage set
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Pulse Z2 & Sense Pro 50 bottle cage set

Reversible bottle cage and 500 ml bottle set

Do you have a full-suspension enduro mountain bike or eMTB that doesn't have enough room for a bottle cage? 

Are you looking for a hydration system that's compatible with a Gravel bike equipped for Bikepacking? 

The Pulse Z2 is a reversible, height-adjustable bottle cage with a special design for easy access. Coupled with the 500ml Sense Pro 50 water bottle, it's the ideal solution for these scenarios. 

The bottle features the Pro-Cap double closure system, making it 100% watertight during transport. No more spilled drink on the bottle and on the bike!


Pulse Z2 & Sense Pro 50 bottle cage set

Adapts to all types of frame

Ideal for eMTB, enduro MTB, gravel.


Makes it easy to access the bottle. Right or left-hand mounting.


Double-closure system for 100% watertight transport.

Soft Push

Soft push for a pleasant sensation while drinking


No Bisphenol-A, phtalates or other toxins used.


107 g
84 x 90 x 170 mm
Smoked Black (grey) 1554
Product reference
Cap material
Polypropylene and elastomer. Valve and Nozzle made with food-grade silicon.
Screws included
Bottle cage material
Glass fibre-reinforced polyamide
No BPA or other toxins
Bottle Material

Our advices and commitments

Mounting instructions

Apply a thin layer of grease to the threads of the screws before screwing. This will prevent seizure and facilitate future removal. You can use our Pro II Grease. Tighten moderately with a 4mm hex key.

Directions for use

Make sure that the bottle is correctly positioned. The bottom of the bottle must be in contact with the bottom stop of the bottle cage.

Maintenance instructions

Rinse with water after using. Dishwasher safe. Store with lid open. For easy cleaning, we have designed a wide mouth bottle and a hand removable nozzle.


Product designed by our R&D department and manufactured in our factory in France.

Quality commitment

All of our bottles are regularly subjected to food-safety tests by specialised independent agencies in Europe, the USA and Japan.The body of our bottle are 100% recyclable. At the end of the product's life, for better recycling, we advise you to separate each element. The teat should be removed from the lid by hand.
The various components should be taken to a waste collection centre, where they can be reprocessed in the appropriate channels.
Hydration with a sustainable bottle helps to decrease its environmental footprint and save money by using tap water rather than bottled water.

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