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If you find cross-country too fast and redundant, if you want to spend a whole day on the trails, then it might be worth taking a look at marathon mountain biking... This discipline is the extended version of classic cross-country, with short circuits of around 5 kilometers. For the more adventurous, it offers courses of between 60 and 150 kilometers, packed with technical climbs and descents!

In the pantheon of marathon mountain bike races in France, you'll find the MB Race, nicknamed the world's toughest mountain bike race, held every first weekend in July, and la Forestière in September. These races are renowned by all marathon mountain bikers! In this article, we'll explain how to equip yourself for such an event, both in terms of hydration and technical aspects.

Stay hydrated in all circumstances

MTB marathons require constant effort and great endurance, so hydration is vital if you want to perform well, or at least finish the race without being dehydrated!

First of all, the vast majority of riders use a full-suspension mountain bike, the aim here being to pass as many obstacles as possible and cover as many kilometers as possible with a minimum comfort. These frames don't necessarily offer much space for equipment, especially hydration. That's why our Pulse Z2i will fit the bill perfectly, thanks to its side opening that can be mounted on either side of the frame!

You've got the perfect bottle cage for mountain biking, now all you need is the hydration itself! When it comes to water bottles, our Arctica Pro 75 insulated bottle will keep your drink cool for over 2 hours, which is a considerable advantage when you consider that many MTB marathon races take place in very hot weather! (Also available in Arctica Pro 55).

You can also turn to the Magnum Pro if you need to carry more water. This one holds 975ml. Like the Arctica Pro, its Pro-Cap system makes it 100% waterproof for easy transport!

Finally, the solution for making sure you never run out of water, even with a water bottle and refreshments, are hydration backpacks. These allow you to carry a large quantity of water on your back, like our Z Hydro Race, a hydration backpack designed especially for cycling, with its 1.5l pocket and a zipped pocket for a few spare items.

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equipements marathon vtt
equipements marathon vtt

Repair tools to take with you on your MTB

Now that you're well hydrated during the race, it's time to make sure you can finish it technically! To do this, you'll need a range of tools and equipment to deal with any mechanical problems that may arise on the course.

In the first part, we talked about the Pulse Z2i. If this allows you to easily install a bottle, it also lets you fit a Co2 inflator and a mini-pump, or the Tubeless Repair Tool! This saves space and makes up for a possible puncture. If you're equipped with tubeless tires, then the Z Bar Plugs will be perfect for you!

This space-saving repair kit fits directly into your handlebars. Our AFA 8 Plus is an 8-function multi-tool that can help you get out of tricky situations like a broken chain! Thanks to its holder, you can store it on your bike. And our Universal Tube Strap is ideal for bikes with inner tubes. This double strap allows you to carry a new inner tube and 2 tire levers. A perfect accessory for bagless mountain bikers!

tubeless repair tool
afa 8 plus
universal tube strap

So you've got all the tips you need to equip yourself for the hills and mountains that the many MTB marathons have to offer! All that's left is to train hard (which may be the most complicated part...)!