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Tubeless Tapes

Tubeless rim tapes

Our bi-material Tubeless tapes were designed to guarantee remarkable pressure resistance and durability. The addition of elastomer adhesive makes it possible to stop the sealant from infiltrating the rim. Finally, their slight elasticity makes tapes fitting simpler without any creases or bubbles. 


Simplified fitting

Slightly elastic tapes


Very good pressure resistance. Minimised infiltration risk


20 mm / 25 mm / 30 mm / 36 mm
Product reference
9m : 20mm ref. 9395 / 25mm ref. 9396 / 30mm ref. 9397 / 36mm ref. 9398
50m : 20mm ref. 9400 / 25mm ref. 9401 / 30mm ref. 9402 / 36mm ref. 9403
Tape length
9 m
50 m
17-21mm / 22-26mm / 27-32 mm / 33-39 mm

Our advices and commitments

Mounting instructions

1. Remove the tyre from the rim
2. Remove the old rim tape
3. Clean the inside of the rim with a dry cloth. Make sure to remove any glue residue in the case of a glued rim tape. Clean and degrease with a solvent.
4. Unroll the rim strip over a distance of about ten centimetres.
5. Stick one of the blue adhesive patch on the end of the tape.
6. Stick the tape (with its patch) inside the rim. Position them about 2 spokes before the valve.
7. Hold the wheel in one hand, and with the other hand, pull the tape tight. Correct positioning means a smooth band, without folds or bubbles.
8. Stick the tape on the complete circumference of the rim. The end of the tape must have an overlap, ending about 2 spokes after the valve hole.
9. Stick a second blue adhesive patch to finalise the installation. This prevents any lifting and thus prevents any future infiltration of the preventive product between the tape and the rim.
10. Locate the location of the valve, perforate the tape with a sharp object, and insert the tubeless valve.
11. Screw on the threaded lock and tighten firmly by hand.
12. Proceed with the mounting of the Tubeless or Tubeless Ready tyre. Be careful not to use any tools to mount the tyre, as you could damage the rim.
13. Inflate and fit the tyre on the rim (by using our Tubeless Tank inflation system or, failing that, a foot pump or compressor).


Product designed by our R&D department and made in France.

Quality commitment

The commitment to quality is one of our major concerns. If you encounter any difficulties with this product, please contact our quality department.

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