K-Traz M8
  • K-Traz M8
  • K-Traz M8
  • K-Traz M8
  • K-Traz M8
  • K-Traz M8
  • K-Traz M8
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K-Traz M8

Chain Lock

The K-Traz M8 is a chain lock with reinforced steel mesh and a key security system.

Level of Security

Score 8/20. Use in a moderate risk area.

Z Safe

Powerful double locking system. High resistance against impacts and twists.


Wraps easily around the bike frame.

Protective coating

The chain is encased in a fabric to protect the bike's paintwork.

2 keys included

In case of loss.


700 g
No, wraps easily around the frame
90 cm
6 mm
Security level
8 / 20
Product reference

Our advices and commitments

Maintenance instructions

Depending on frequency of use and where the product is stored, it is important to put a few drops of fine lube in the lock to prevent the mechanism from jamming. You must lubricate your lock at least twice a year.

Ideally, use graphite powder or a fine lube that flows easily and is non-greasy, such as our Pro Dry Lube. Avoid using cleaning agents containing solvents as they will attack the plastic and may damage the product. Lube can be deposited directly inside or on the key: operate the cylinder and locking mechanism to spread the lube.
Regularly check the operation of all the keys supplied with the product.


Product engineered by our R&D department in France

Quality commitment

The commitment to quality is one of our major concerns. If you encounter any difficulties with this product, please contact our quality department.

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