Z Adventure Fork Pack
  • Z Adventure Fork Pack
  • Z Adventure Fork Pack
  • Z Adventure Fork Pack
  • Z Adventure Fork Pack
  • Z Adventure Fork Pack
  • Z Adventure Fork Pack
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Z Adventure Fork Pack

Waterproof bag and universal fork holder

Our complete solution is designed specifically for forks that do not have threaded studs. The kit consists of a waterproof bag, a technical polyamide holder and three universal mounting studs. The Z Adventure Fork Pack can be mounted on any type of fork (rigid or suspended and of any material).

The bag is held in place by three hook-and-loop straps, ensuring that even the heaviest of equipment can be transported safely over rough terrain. Mounted in a balanced way on your bike, this device is lighter and less cumbersome than a traditional luggage rack and is ideal for long touring trips or bikepacking adventures.



Welded bag with waterproof material and roll top closure


Compatible with rigid and suspension forks (Ø16 to 36mm), with or without threaded studs

Adjustable height

Thanks to the 4 fixing holes


Bag secured by three self-gripping straps


Reflective side strips for better visibility at night

They approve


346 g (including 204 g for the bag)
Holder in Fiber reinforced Polypropylene. Bag in Polyester 420D TPU
Clip loop and screws or Gizmo
Ø150 mm x 365 mm
Bikepacking fork bags
Product reference
By roll top and clip loop
Maximum load

The advantages of this accessory

An ideal kit for bikepacking

The Z Adventure Fork Pack was developed for forks that are not equipped with threaded studs. Thanks to its cage, its waterproof bag and it's mounting studs, it is a great asset for bikepacking!

z adventure fork pack zéfal

z adventure fork pack zefal

Suitable for all types of bikes

The Z Adventure Fork Pack is easy to attach and fits all types of bikes. It can be mounted on any type of fork, rigid or suspended, regardless of the material.

A comfortable ride

The Z Adventure Fork Pack can be mounted on either side of the front wheel for good balance. Plus, the straps keep the pack perfectly straight along the fork.

z adventure fork pack zefal

fork pack dimensionnel zefal

Universal dimensions

The Z Adventure Fork Pack can be mounted on any type of fork, with or without threaded studs.

The distance between the mounting points is 64 mm.

How do I install the Z Adventure Fork Pack?

Our advices and commitments

Mounting instructions

If your fork already has threaded studs, then feel free to use the Gizmo mounts for another purpose (e.g. to attach an extra bottle cage). For more information, see Zéfal Gizmo product #1083.

Maintenance instructions

It is recommended to hand wash this bag. Do not put in a washing machine.


Product engineered by our R&D department in France

Quality commitment

The commitment to quality is one of our major concerns. If you encounter any difficulties with this product, please contact our quality department. When we design bags to carry items on bikes, we seek the best compromise between durability, reduced weight, leak tightness, assembly and fixture on the bike. The main requirement is not to have a bag that can hold very heavy loads, especially as this can unbalance the bike and make riding it difficult.

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