Z Adventure Aero F8
  • Z Adventure Aero F8
  • Z Adventure Aero F8
  • Z Adventure Aero F8
  • Z Adventure Aero F8
  • Z Adventure Aero F8
  • Z Adventure Aero F8
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Z Adventure Aero F8

Waterproof bag for aerobars

This waterproof front bag is to be installed on aerobars. It is ideal to increase considerably the storage space on your bike. It does not clutter up the cockpit or disrupt your aerodynamics. Its large capacity will allow you to carry light and bulky items, such as your bivouac equipment or spare clothing. It is easy to install and remove thanks to the self-gripping straps. Light and robust, available in two versions 8L or 12L, it will be a first choice ally during your ultra cycling events or for bikepacking, whatever the weather conditions. It also has reflective strips for better visibility at night.



Welded bag with waterproof material and roll top closure

Wide Opening

Quick access from the front

Quick Mounting / Dismounting

Fastening with hook and loop straps


Tear-resistant material


Simple construction with integrated mounting


217 g
Polyester 420D TPU
Universal with self-gripping straps
Ø 165 x 410 mm
Product reference
8 L
By roll top and clip loop
Maximum load
3.5 kg

The advantages of this accessory

z adventure aero f8 zefal

A bag for aerobars

The Z Adventure Aero F8 is an ideal bag if you have aerobars on your bike without cluttering up the cockpit or disrupting your aerodynamics. Ideal for ultra-cycling or bikepacking.

Completely waterproof

With its welded waterproof construction and roll-up closure, this bag keeps your stuff dry!

z adventure aero f8

z adventure aero f8 zefal

Durable and lightweight

This 8L bag is made of a tear-resistant material and its integrated fastener allows for easy assembly and disassembly, while ensuring easy access to your belongings.

Our advices and commitments

Mounting instructions

Important: To ensure that the bag can be mounted and does not come into direct contact with the front tyre when loaded, it is necessary to maintain a minimum distance of 190 mm between the top of your handlebars and the tyre.

Directions for use

When filling the bag, we recommend putting heavy objects at the bottom of the bag. Once loaded, we recommend positioning the bag as close to the frame as possible. Finally, we suggest that you pay particular attention to the tightness of the straps.

Maintenance instructions

It is recommended to hand wash this bag. Do not put in a washing machine.


Product engineered by our R&D department in France

Quality commitment

The commitment to quality is one of our major concerns. If you encounter any difficulties with this product, please contact our quality department. When we design bags to carry items on bikes, we seek the best compromise between durability, reduced weight, leak tightness, assembly and fixture on the bike. The main requirement is not to have a bag that can hold very heavy loads, especially as this can unbalance the bike and make riding it difficult.

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