Customer service

The quality, our commitment.

From design to production, quality is a key element in the achievement of our products.

All Zéfal products undergo quality control procedure and including different tests. Our quality department makes every effort to develop the best products. Many quality tests are carried out regularly: manual tests, endurance tests, stress tests, leak tests ... Random checks are carried out at the output of the production lines.

In addition, to ensure the longevity of our products, and for the sake of respect for the environment, we offer the sale of spare parts of all our pumps including some models of more than 30 years. An additional guarantee to ensure a long life for our products.

The expertise Zéfal is to know how to make quality products since 1880.

The Zéfal warranty

In case a product becomes defective workmanship Zéfal will exchange any product that proves defective, non-compliance with a standard or regulation or a defect, within two years following the date of purchase by the customer. If the product is no longer available or is no longer manufactured, Zéfal will replace it with a similar product of its range.

This warranty excludes any misuse or normal wear from use of the product.