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Biodegradable degreaser

The Bike Bio Degreaser is an effective degreasing agent. Its dissolving agents remove grease and dirt on mechanical parts. The active components quickly eliminate dust once sprayed. It is easy to use and to rinse-off. Its biodegradable properties protect the environment and mean it can be used anywhere.

Double action

Detergent and degreasing action.


Safe for the environment.

Quick cleaning

Removes stains quickly and effectively.

Big capacity

1 Litre capacity giving greater number of uses.


Allows quick and accurate spraying of the parts to be cleaned.

They approve


Product reference
0.1% or more but less than 1%: Amphoteric surfactants
0.1% or more but less than 1%: Perfumes
0.1% or more but less than 1%: Sodium carbonate
1% or more but less than 10%: Calcium salts
1% or more but less than 10%: Non-ionic surfactants
10% or more: Water 0.1% or more but less than 1%: Perfumes

Our advices and commitments


Product designed by our R&D department and made in France.

Quality commitment

The commitment to quality is one of our major concerns. If you encounter any difficulties with this product, please contact our quality department.

Directions for use

Good cleaning starts by brushing the transmission in order to remove the residue stuck on the different elements.
To do this use ZB Clean, which is our special transmissions brush.

NB: ZB Twist is also very handy with its shape to clean both the transmission and the bike, but you should not use the same one to clean both parts of the bike.

After having ejected the residue, spray Bio Degreaser on all the elements.
(chain, chainrings, derailleur, derailleur rollers, cranks, pedals)
Leave to act for one to two minutes.
Brush again, rinse with plenty of water, dry the transmission using a clean cloth and then apply new lubrication.


Observe the precautions for use.

Questions and answers

Hello, I've bought the bike degreaser and disc brake cleaner. I wanna ask that is the bike degreaser safe for my disc brake?

leo leo on Aug 19, 2022 09:30

Hi, no risk, if you rinse after application. Team Zéfal

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