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Z Adventure Cage

Universal Bottle Cage

Looking for a way to carry a lot of water on your bike and not be burdened with a hydration pack? The Z Adventure Cage is a must-have for long distance riding and bikepacking. This bottle cage is versatile, accepting all types of cylindrical containers, from water bottles to insulated water bottles to large diameter rigid cans, if your frame allows. Your water bottle is secured in a sturdy technical polyamide holder and held firmly in place by the wide Hypalon strap, even on the roughest terrain.


Universal mounting

On frame or fork, thanks to the 4 fixing holes allowing a great adaptability.


Accepts bottles from Ø66 to 92 mm


Tightening by wide Hypalon hook and loop strap


Fiber reinforced polypropylene support


CAD and openwork design validated by digital simulation


88 g
Injected support in fibre reinforced polypropylene and Hypalon strap
81 x 94 x 230 mm
Product reference
Screws included

The advantages of this accessory

Carrying a large volume of water

The Z Adventure Cage is the best way to carry a large amount of water with you on long bikepacking trips.

Suitable for all types of bottles

The Z Adventure Cage allows you to secure all types of cylindrical containers, from a simple can to an insulated water bottle or a 1L water bottle, thanks to its wide Hypalon strap.

z adventure cage zéfal

z adventure cage zéfal

Fits on different frames

Thanks to the 3 screws (supplied), the Z Adventure Cage can be adapted to any type and size of frame with the possibility of using only 2 screws.

Our advices and commitments

Mounting instructions

Can be mounted with 2 or 3 screws depending on the configuration.
Apply a thin layer of grease to the threads of the screws before screwing. This will prevent seizure and facilitate future removal. You can use our Pro II Grease. Tighten moderately with a 4mm hex key.


Product designed by our R&D department and manufactured in our factory in France.

Quality commitment

The commitment to quality is one of our major concerns. If you encounter any difficulties with this product, please contact our quality department.

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