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The water bottle is a cyclist's best ally, always stored on the frame between his legs! It allows you to rehydrate quickly and easily in all circumstances, and to maintain a constant level of effort. But there are many different types of water bottles, and it's not easy to keep track of all the different ranges. So, cycling friends, here's an article to help you choose your water bottle!

First of all, and for greater clarity, here's how the naming of our water bottles works:

sense soft

Hydrating to perform well

First of all, it's important to understand that cycling is one of the sports that requires a lot of endurance. And to last as long as possible, the body needs a number of different inputs, including hydration. That's where the cycling becomes necessary! Having water close at hand means you can regularly rehydrate your body.

To make sure you don't run out of water, we advise you to carry 2 full bottles for rides of 30km or more, especially in summer when it can get very hot. In terms of capacity, 65cl bottles are sufficient for outings of around 50-60km. Beyond that, you'll need to start looking at 80-90cl bidons.

For longer distances, it's advisable to take several large bottles with you, 80cl or 1L for example. The aim here is not to try to lighten up for performance, but to hydrate continuously without ever running out of water, especially on bikepacking trips where refreshment points may be far away. Don't forget that you'll also need water for basic washing and cooking!

In fact, you can see which water points are available around you on apps like Strava! A little tip: cemeteries are always supplied with a water point, so if you're passing through a village, follow the signs!

The classic bottles

Zéfal's Sense Soft range are our classic water bottles for cycling. They allow you to carry your water and stay hydrated. They come in two sizes: Sense Soft 65 and Sense Soft 80, depending on how much water you can carry. The polypropylene material of these water bottles ensures good flexibility, neutral taste and odor, so you don't get water with an unpleasant taste.

No matter what size you choose, these bottles have been ergonomically designed to fit into most bottle cages on the market! The lid guarantees a watertight seal when closed, so there's no unpleasant surprise of a half-empty bottle in the middle of an outing. For those who want to carry a maximum number of beverages with them for the day or for bike trips, you'll have to turn to the Magnum and its 975ml capacity!

The Sense Pro 65 and Sense Pro 80 premium cans are also guaranteed odor-free. With their Pro-Cap lids, these cans feature a valve for a high flow rate that's easy to control, so you always get the right amount! The double closure ensures complete watertightness, so you can ride with your can open without the drink spilling onto the bike! The same goes for the bottle in your sports bag, which won't leak and will keep your gear dry.

For smaller frames, or those with limited access such as Enduros or even eBikes, you'll need to turn to smaller water bottles! That's why we've developed a smaller version of the Sense Pro bottles: the Sense Pro 50, a premium 500ml bottle designed to fit into those frames lacking access!

The specific bottles

Bottles also come in a variety of forms to meet very specific needs. The first are isothermal bottles. Popular in hot or cold weather, the Arctica Pro 55 and Arctica Pro 75 isothermal bottles keep your drink at the right temperature for up to 2 and a half hours, thanks to their triple-layer construction.

These are the bottles used by triathletes Léonie Périault, Olympic medallist in Tokyo 2020, and Dorian Coninx, Olympic medallist in Tokyo 2020 and Triathlon World Champion in 2023, during their Triathlon World Cup races in the hottest places in the world, such as Abu Dhabi!

We've also thought of our off-the-beaten-track adventurers with our Sense Soft No Mud! These water bottles feature a nozzle protection to keep your drink and nipple clean in all circumstances! This is a very useful water bottle for Gravel, MTB or enduro fans, whether in summer (when faced with dust) or winter (when faced with mud and bad weather in general).

These water bottles come in two sizes: the Sense Soft No Mud 65 and the Sense Soft No Mud 80 for the larger format. Beyond that, they offer the same advantages as the Sense Soft water bottles presented in the first part.

Now you know all the special features of our different water bottles. Classic, large or small, for frames lacking access, isothermal or with nipple protection, get your next water bottle here!