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Choosing the right lock for your bike may seem complicated considering the wide range of products available. The different types of locks, keyed or coded, the different price ranges or the way to carry them can make you hesitate when buying.

But Zéfal has some advice for you when choosing a bike lock! First of all, it is advisable to consider the purchase of a bike lock as an investment because it pays for itself after the first theft attempt. It is an expense to be taken into consideration when defining your bike purchase budget. We also recommend using 2 locks to secure both the wheels and the frame, the sight of a very well protected bike will often dissuade a potential thief!

The criteria for choosing a lock

When making your choice, it is important to take into account several selection criteria in order not to make a mistake and buy a lock that does not correspond to your practice or your area of frequentation.

Security level of the lock:

Our range of locks is broken down according to a classification system with different levels of security, in order to help you choose the product best suited to your needs: maximum security, high security, good security and basic security. The scale ranges from 1 to 20, with 1 being basic security and 20 being maximum security. You can find the security level of our locks directly on the product pages of our website.

Level of risk :

Where you are likely to park your bike most often is a big criteria to consider! If you park in high theft risk areas, moderate theft risk areas or low theft risk areas, this will influence the level of security of the lock you choose. The same goes for the length of time you will park.

The type of lock:

Chain locks offer extra length for locking versatility, while U-Locks, perfectly suited for cyclists, offer an ergonomic design that is easy to use and carry. Foldable locks combine the security of a U-lock with the ease of storage of a cable. Cable locks offer greater locking versatility for medium to low risk situations.

The weight of the lock :

Depending on their characteristics, the locks can be more or less heavy and therefore not necessarily adapted to the most sporty practices. A lock with a very high level of security is generally heavier and bulkier than other models. This will make it less easy to transport, but it will be well suited to an electrically assisted bicycle.

K-Traz M8 zefal

K-Traz M8 - Chain lock

k-traz c9 code zefal

K-Traz C9 code - Cable lock with code

security levels zefal lock

Table of the different security levels of a bike lock

Different types of locks

k-traz u13 zefal

K-Traz U13 - U-lock

k-traz f16 zefal

K-Traz F16 - Folding lock

You now know what criteria to take into account when making your choice, so it's time to choose your bike lock! They differ in their level of security as seen above, but also in their type, size and locking method.


The U-lock is made of a handle which the 2 arms are blocked in the closing mechanism, which forces to saw the two sides to break it. However, its rigidity makes it difficult to handle and limits its use. They are simpler to handle and allow you to hook frame and wheel at the same time.

For our U-locks, you can find simple U-locks like the K-Traz U17, the K-Traz U13 (and its L and S versions) and the K-Traz U11. Or the U-locks with cable for more security like the K-Traz U17 cable or the K-Traz U13 code + cable!

Chain lock

The chain lock has the advantage of being flexible and therefore easy to handle. It adapts to all the different attachment points. The K-Traz M18K-Traz M14 or K-Traz M10 can be useful during frequent stops, however their storage can be a problem in case of large size.

It is possible to wrap it around the handlebar or the frame, but it may interfere with the riding, especially with heavy models where its storage in a pannier is recommended. It is easier to break than the U if it is badly used. In order to install it properly, read our advice for use available in our "maintenance and good practices" page! We have a code version of this type of lock, the K-Traz M12 Code if you are afraid of losing your keys!

Cable lock

Soft and flexible, cable locks allow you to quickly and easily secure your bike to a fixed point! Long cables are convenient when there are several bikes or several items to protect. Moreover, they do not take up much space on your bike and are quite light. You will find what you are looking for in Zéfal's range of cable locks, from K-Traz C6 to K-Traz C9. These types of locks are available both with keys and with cables if you are afraid to lose your keys.

Cable locks provide basic security when you park your bike in an area where the risk of theft is low. For added security, it is recommended to use it in addition to a stronger protection, such as a U-lock.

Folding lock

This type of lock is a good price quality/security ratio thanks to its shape. Foldable, it has the advantage of being compact once folded. It has a support to be fixed to the frame without taking up too much space. At Zéfal, we have two types of folding locks, the K-Traz F16 and its longer format, the K-Traz F16L. Depending on the size you choose, you will be able to attach it to different types of supports.

You are now ready to protect your bike the right way with a good lock, no matter what you do, what type of bike you ride, where you ride or how long you stop!