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Wie wähle ich mein Schutzblech für Gravel- und Straßenräder richtig aus?

Fall, winter and spring are seasons when it is common to ride on roads and paths that are soaked or even waterlogged by bad weather. To avoid getting wet and covered with mud and other dirt after a few kilometers, purchasing a mudguard is a good solution. However, it is not easy to find your way between the different types of mudguards, sizes, practice etc.. Our mudguards are divided into 3 distinct protection families: Minimum, High and Maximum. Zéfal helps you to find the right mudguard with this guide on how to choose your Gravel and Road mudguard!

In order to make the right choice and avoid buying the first product that comes along, it is important to know some characteristics and needs. It is necessary to know the diameter of your wheels and the width of your tires because some mudguards will not cover all sizes. Also, you will need to know your practice and your needs.

Here is an explanation of each level of protection:

Minimum: Often small, light and discreet they are perfect for the aesthetically minded cyclist. Mounted at the front, they protect the face and upper body of the rider, and allow riding without glasses in the least extreme conditions. Mounted at the rear, they protect the lower back. They are also a precious ally in the preservation of the mechanical parts of your bike (fork joints, headset or shock absorber and suspension mechanism).

High: Longer and wider, the protections are also more imposing, but correctly oriented, they allow to break more effectively the jet generated by the movement of the wheels. They protect the rider from the rising ground. Allowing a good clearance with the tires, they avoid accumulation and are particularly adapted to difficult terrain in conditions where the mud is thick and sticky.

Maximum: Mounted as close as possible to the wheel, these protections are very covering and encompassing, allowing a perfect protection of the rider and the bike. They are particularly suitable for very wet conditions. Mounted close to the wheel, they follow their curves and blend in with the tires, preserving the lines of your bike.

Gravel and Road front mudguards

The front mudguard will protect your torso and face from mud and dirt splashes on the trails during your Gravel rides and from water during rides on wet roads. It will keep you dry during multi-hour rides.

shield lite front zefal

Shield Lite Front

Shield Lite Front

Wheel diameter : 650b / 700c / 28''
Maximum tire width : 50mm

Let's start this part of the front mudguards with the Minimum protection for your gravel bike, the Shield Lite Front! This discreet and aesthetic mudguard attaches to the fork with clamps (sold with Skin Armor protection strips) and protects the head tube and its bearings from dirt and sand infiltration.

Croozer Road

Wheel diameter : 700c / 28''
Mounting : MD-Quick - On down tube / fork / seat stays - Adjustable up to 75mm

The Croozer Road is a mudguard designed for road cycling and considered as a High protection. For those who are not used to mounting mudguards, this one is very easy to mount on the frame thanks to elastomer straps that will not damage your frame or the transmission cables. Its wide shape allows for optimal protection, from the legs to the face.

Rear mudguards for Gravel and Road

The rear mudguards will have the mission to protect your back from splashes and dirt that come up on the wheel as you ride. Between the different sizes and widths of wheels and tires, discover which rear fender will meet your needs according to your practice!

Shield Lite M

Dimensions : 330 mm x 100 mm x 0.7 mm
Mounting : Attachment on saddle rails

It is the Minimum protection mudguard on the road, it is the Shield Lite M! It is installed directly under the saddle to protect the rider's buttocks from the splashes of the rear wheel. It is discreet because it can be stored directly under the seat and unfolded quickly in case of weather change. It is notably the mudguard used on competitions all over the world by the World Tour Team Arkéa-Samsic!

Deflector RC50

Wheel diameter : 26'' & 28''
Blade width : 47 / 60 mm – 1.9'' / 2.4''

As for the High protection for the road, here is the Deflector RC50. This rear mudguard which is fixed on the seatpost is intended for road bikes as well as city bikes and Hybrid. It will provide excellent protection on the rear of the rider from splashes and will allow you to stay dry or arrive at work without dirt on the back of your clothes.

Swan Road

Wheel diameter 650b / 700c / 28''
Maximum tire width : 32mm

The Swan Road is a High protection rear mudguard. It is easy to fix directly on the seat tube (25 to 32 mm) and allows to protect your back thanks to its rounded shape during road rides. It is rather handy and adapts to all weather conditions thanks to its fixation on the seat tube and the inclination of the mud flap.

shield lite m zéfal

Shield Lite M

swan road zéfal

Swan Road

Gravel and Road mudguard kits

If you need complete protection from the elements, then a mudguard set is what you need. We have several sets available for both Gravel and Road riders. Note that all of these fenders are strong protectors that will meet most protection needs!

shield g50 zéfal

Shield G50

Swan R & Croozer R Set

Wheel diameter : 650b / 700c / 28''
Maximum tire width : 32 mm

This set of front and rear mudguards, composed of the Croozer Road and Swan Road presented above, is designed for road bikes. With these two products, this High protection will be an interesting kit to protect yourself from dirt and splashes on a road bike.

Shield G50

Wheel diameter : 650b / 700c / 28''
Maximum tire width : 50mm

The Shield G50, considered as a Maximum protection, is the perfect mudguard kit for a Gravel! Specially developed for this practice, its front and rear mudguards will protect you effectively from rain and mud splashes while remaining relatively discreet and aesthetic. This kit is delivered with 3 mud flaps of 20, 60 and 120mm to best fit your bike size.

Shield R35

Wheel diameter : 650c / 700c / 28''
Maximum tire width : 30 mm

The Shield R35 is a set of mudguards specially developed for road bikes. It is considered as a Maximum protection and protects from splashes in wet weather and wet roads. Just like its Gravel counterpart, the Shield R35 comes with 3 mud flaps to fit all bike geometries. In addition, its design will make it relatively discreet on your road bike.

garde boue gravel route zéfal

Road, Gravel, City, you have all the cards in hand to equip your bike well and stay clean and dry as long as possible, no matter what your practice, your equipment and the weather!