Nos engagements

Our commitments :


At Zéfal, our commitment to society and the environment is reflected in concrete actions. As passionate cycling enthusiasts, preserving our playgrounds has always been at the heart of our concerns. Located along La Loire à vélo, one of the most magnificent and longest cycling routes in the world, our company is fortunate to be anchored in the heart of the Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For over 140 years, we have been proud to contribute, as a family business, to the evolution of cycling as a lever for sustainable economic development, physical and mental well-being, and social cohesion. This heritage inspires us to continue our quest for innovations based on sustainability and accessibility, in order to promote cycling that is respectful of the environment and conducive to everyone's well-being.

Our commitments are built on 3 pillars :


. Developing an eco-responsible offer to reduce our negative impact on the environment


."Ride with a cause", a company committed to helping just causes

just causes and reduce discrimination


. Strong local roots

Development of an eco-responsible offer to reduce our negative impact on the environment.



For many years, raising our teams' awareness of the responsible use of raw materials has been at the heart of our concerns. We actively seek to minimise waste in our production processes, for example by reusing offcuts from can blow moulding, pump casing extrusion and mudguard injection moulding, while at the same time collecting the oils and greases used in our production lines. At the same time, we collect the oils and greases used in our production lines.

Eco-design plays a key role in our development initiatives. In 2014, we launched the first mudguard made from plant-based materials, reducing its carbon footprint by 65% compared to our standard plastic. In 2024, after three years of research and development, we introduced Bike Shampoo. This bike cleaning agent, which is as effective as the best (non-eco-designed) products on the market, is EcoCert certified, guaranteeing rigorous compliance with the highest environmental standards. We are working on other projects and are aware that there is still a long way to go.


At Zéfal, our commitment to the durability of our products is a deeply rooted tradition. We encourage our users to follow our maintenance recommendations to prolong the life of our products. From our first website, we have had a catalogue offering replacement of essential wearing parts, and we are always available to help our community in times of exceptional need. As a manufacturer committed to quality, we are proud to regularly receive testimonials from satisfied cyclists who have used our products for many years. We are also keen to listen to those who are disappointed with their experience of our products, always aware that there is still room for improvement.

Our product range at Zéfal is diverse, which is reflected in the variety of our packaging. In order to minimise the financial impact on our products caused by the cost of packaging, we have in the past used various materials such as cardboard, but also plastics (blister packs, plastic box cards, etc.). We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our packaging by limiting the use of single-use plastics wherever possible. We are also working to reduce the size and weight of our packaging. This process is ongoing, and we still have some way to go to achieve our environmental objectives.

An example of this work is:

We have drawn up a responsible purchasing charter in collaboration with our suppliers and subcontractors. The commitments set out in this charter are designed to ensure ethical and sustainable business relationships, in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments and current regulations. It sets out the fundamental principles we share with our business partners, including respect for human rights, fair labour standards, preservation of the environment, and transparency and integrity in our dealings.

"Ride with a cause", a company committed to helping just causes and reducing discrimination

As a company on a human scale that has stood the test of time, we make it a point of honour to involve all our employees in actions aimed at supporting just causes such as medical research and the prevention of discrimination. Our commitment to these causes naturally goes hand in hand with our passion for cycling. Every year, between 300 and 400 cyclists gather at Zéfal headquarters for "La Marc Doyen", a cycle ride in tribute to Marc Doyen. A keen cyclist, Marc was our Sales Director for France for many years. Tragically, he died of a heart attack while out cycling in 2008. This annual event, organised in conjunction with a local club, Cyclo-Sport Abraysien, and Marc's family, combines conviviality and sport with charity and preventive action. For each participant in the ride, we donate €3 to the local association of the French Federation of Cardiology, which works to prevent cardiovascular disease and help victims return to a normal life by practising adapted sporting activities. During the event, the Club Cœur et Santé Orléans team will be carrying out medical checks (heart rate, blood pressure) to make participants aware of the risks and remind them of the golden rules to follow during physical activity, as well as the symptoms and risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Since 2021, Zéfal has been a proud partner of the Nicola Werner Challenge (NWC), a cycle ride organised in over 17 cities around the world to raise funds in the fight against HPV cancer. Moved by Nicola's story and Moritz's fight for this charity event, we have established a unique partnership. In addition to our financial support for the NWC association, we are organising a 140 km 'ride' from Orléans to Paris. For every kilometre covered by the participants in our ride, Zéfal has undertaken to donate €2 to the Institut Gustave Roussy. What's more, we're using our French expertise in the manufacture of bicycle accessories to offer a commemorative water bottle to each participant, reminding them of their involvement in this noble cause and cancer research.

As we don't only have cycling enthusiasts among our employees, in 2022 we've mobilised all of them to ride or walk over 16,000 kilometres during the month of July to fund heart surgery for an underprivileged child. A donation was made to the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque association. We will renew this operation in the summer of 2024.

We are also committed to promoting professional equality between women and men. With a Gender Equality Pay Index of 92 points out of 100 for the year 2022, in accordance with the Law for the Freedom to Choose one's Professional Future, Zéfal is committed to putting an end to pay inequalities. With a female workforce of 54%, the company also encourages the representation of women in decision-making bodies such as the management committee.

A strong territorial anchor :

Established for almost 90 years in Jargeau, our site is ideally located along the picturesque banks of the Loire, close to the famous "Loire à Vélo" cycle route. We are acutely aware of the priceless opportunity that this privileged environment represents. Every year, we organise a 'green walk' to clean up our surroundings, particularly the banks of the Loire. Many of the cyclists and hikers who cycle along the Loire for part of the year pass our premises. Over the years, we have received many requests for visits to see behind the scenes how our products are made. In response to this growing demand, we are currently engaged in a project to create a dedicated reception area and open our site to the public by 2026. This project represents a fantastic opportunity for us to create links with passionate cyclists and to offer an enriching experience to all those who wish to discover our values, our history and our industrial know-how.

And because we live and breathe cycling, we're doing our bit to help keep it alive. That's why we've joined forces with a handful of volunteer cyclists to organise the Challenge du Tourmagne, a free, permanent tour of France inspired by the journey of two friends at the end of the 19th century. To relive their adventures, the "challengers", on their bikes equipped for an itinerary of around a week, must follow the most enchanting paths of the Bellifontaine massif, the Seine valley, the Gâtinais region the Loire Valley and its vineyards, the Nivernais and the Bourbonnais region, the Allier and Sioule valleys, the Puys chain, the Cantal and Cézallier, the Margeride, the Cévennes and the garrigue of Nîmes. ... in a carefully established order! As a reward for their efforts, they will receive a book containing the story and drawings of the 1897 trip. By participating in the development of the Tourmagne Challenge, we are helping to discover and promote the beauty and diversity of an enchanting natural environment, while celebrating the courage and determination of the cycling pioneers who shaped this emblematic route over a century ago.

It is our wish to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for our employees. That is why we have set up a fully equipped gym, offering our employees the opportunity to practice regular physical activity within our company.

In order to promote a sustainable approach and support the use of bicycles as a means of transport, we have introduced a bicycle mileage allowance (IKV) for all our employees who make their commute to work by bike. This initiative aims to encourage the use of environmentally friendly modes of travel, while encouraging our employees to adopt a more active and ecological daily routine.