Deflector Lite Front

Product highlights


Light and discreet mudguard.

Face protection

Design studies to prevent spray on the face 

Fork protection

Side spoilers to protect the sheaths from rising mud. 


Compatible with most forks on the market.

Paint protection

Supply of "Skin Armor" protective strips.

More details

Discrete and aesthetic, this front fender was designed to protect the face from mud spray, especially for downhill mountain riders.  Universal, it can be fixed to all types of fork and also protects the fork plungers. 

Technical specs

: 2506
Material: Polypropylene
Dimensions: 270 x 276 mm
Weight: 27g / 32g with zip-ties
Mounting: zip-ties
Wheel Ø: 26'', 27.5'' et 29''
Max. tire width recommended: 3.0"
Protection: Minimalist