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Lock'n Roll

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Lock'n Roll


Patented keyless antitheft system for wheels and saddle.
Easy and quick mounting, no tool required.
The wheel antitheft system substitutes the quick-release of the wheels.
The saddle antitheft system substitutes the quick-release of saddle clamp.
The complete kit includes both the wheels (front and rear) antitheft and the lock saddle antitheft systems
Patent concept: in the horizontal position, the quick release lever is automatically locked; to unlock the bike has to  be lifted-up to the vertical position
A special washer makes the unscrewing impossible even with a tool

  • Reference Complete set: 497 / Wheels lock only: 495 / Saddle: 496
  • Skewer dimensions: Front wheel: 5 x 128 mm / 0.20" x 5.04" Rear wheel: 5 x 163 mm / 0.20" x 6.42"
  • Weight : Complete set: 160 g / Wheels lock only: 120 g / Saddle: 40 g
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