Innovations Zéfal

Since 1880, Zéfal has been behind many historic cycling innovations: the first bottomless pump- the Solibloc - the first portable floor pump and the HPX, the first high pressure frame fit pump.

We are also responsible for top technical innovations such as the invention of the Presta valve, the clamp lever valve and the reversible connection. It is with this legacy that our teams continue pushing for more better accessories through innovative technologies.


As we know that a good hydration is a key concern during any physical effort, Zéfal has developed a new range of bottles and bottle cages. We can also customized your bottles depending your wishes.


To make your travel more pleasant, Zéfal created a complete range of products to protect you and your bike. Split in four categories, these products are made in France and designed for maximum coverage.


Inflation specialist since 1880, we are continually innovating to offer you more comfort and performance. With high quality standards, our pumps are a combination of useful and innovative technologies. Our R&D teams are focused on a unique goal: giving you the best inflation experience possible.


Cyclist safety has always been a priority for Zéfal. To give you complete satisfaction, a specific range of mirrors improves your visibility on the road while our locks ensure an efficient attachment to secure your bike. To ensure your peace of movement, keep on riding with Zéfal.