How do I clean your range of bags?

Zéfal’s range of bags can be put in a washing machine.  Or, you can wash the bags by hand in soapy water.

We do not recommend drying them using a tumble dryer. 

What are the different ways of carrying my pump and repair supplies?

There are lots of ways to transport your pump on a ride:


- The first way is to put it in the pocket of your jersey but this isn’t recommended because if you were to have a fall, the pump and supplies on your back could cause an injury.

- The traditional place to attach your pump is next to the bottle holder using a clip that will be sold with the pump. You just need to attach it between the frame and bottle holder using a Velcro attachment or a clip. 


- Some pumps come with a universal clip which allows it to be attached at different points using a Velcro strap. It can be attached to your seat post, down tube or top tube, for example. 

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You can also use a small bag to carry accessories. There are models for the front as well as the rear. 



You could mount a box where the bottle would usually go to put your things in (Z BOX).

A backpack is also a very practical solution. You can put all your things in it as well as a water bladder.

Are your saddle bags compatible with all stems and seat rails?

Yes, they can be fit to all saddles with a classic post (T-fix or Double Strap). The way of attaching them to the stem is universal. 

Is your Z Light Hydro S water bladder free from BPA?

Yes, like our bottles, we guarantee that our water bladders are free from bisphenol A. The tube and the mouth piece are also certified for food contact. 

Are your saddle bags waterproof?

The most waterproof model is the Z Dry Pack. It’s the best suited bag for rainy weather. The other bags will keep things dry for light showers.