Bike protection

How do I protect my bike frame?

There are many solutions available for you to protect your bike frame. You can mount a Down Tube Armor which is a rigid protector installed under the frame.

Another solution is the Skin Armor which is a polyurethane film that can be used at different places on the frame to protect it from bumps and scratches (down tube, underside of the chain, brake cable tracks).

Advice: if you are planning to sell your bike, you will find that a frame that has been properly protected will be more appealing. 

If I want to replace the Skin Armor, can I unpeel it easily without leaving any residue?

Yes, you just need to use the heat from a hairdryer to unstick it.  The glue residue can be easily removed with a little alcohol. You can then put a brand new Skin Armor in place of the old one.

How can I be sure that Skin Armor won’t bubble once applied?

Thanks to its Glue Shield technology, Skin Armor’s sticky surface is criss-crossed so that any remaining air bubbles are forced out leaving a perfect seal to the frame. No bubbles or creases.

How long does Skin Armor last?

Skin Armor is expected to last 10 years on your bike. The time and condition depends on how often you use and clean your bike. 

Can the Crank Armor be used on all crank sets?

The Crank Armor has been made from a soft and stretchy material which makes it compatible with the majority of crank sets on the market. This product is bolted in once the pedal is fixed on.