Bottle cages

How are bottle cages mounted?

The majority of frames on the market come with mounting screws for bottle cages. There are 2 screw holes found on the down tube and on the seat tube (above the crank set). The spacing between these holes is universal and our bottle cages will fit them.

If your frame does not have holes, a Gizmo Universal can be used to mount the bottle cage onto all frames without scratching.

Do your bottle cages work with other bottles on the market?

Our bottle cages are compatible with the majority of bottles on the market and vice-versa – our bottles are compatible with all bottles cages on the market as they are based on a standard bottle size (75mm in diameter).

Is a specific bottle cage needed for bottles with a large capacity like the Magnum?

Our Magnum was specially designed to work with various bottle cages on the market. The Magnum has a volume of 1L making it ideal for long rides. 

How is a bottle cage mounted onto a small frame?

The problem with small frames is getting the bottle out of the cage. The space between the axle and the bottle cage is sometimes not enough. The solution is a lateral insertion cage.


If your frame has screw mounts, we recommend the Wiiz which has a side-opening and so needs less space. Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, it is equally accessible.

If your frame doesn’t have these fixings, the Gizmo Universal can been used to mount your bottle cage. It can be fitted to all frames without scratching.

Please note that for children’s bikes, the Little Z has been specially designed as a clip fixing bottle; perfect for the budding cyclist.

Are screws provided?

To ensure a perfect fit to your bike, we recommend that you use the screws that were provided with your frame.  Additional screws are only supplied with the Pulse Carbon.