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Armor Tape

Bike protection tape

Armor Tape is a 1 metre self-adhesive tape to cut to length depending on your bike protection requirements. Extra thick, it resists to ripping, UV light and temperature fluctuations.
Armor Tape is suitable for enduro and downhill mountain riders who want to protect their bikes from impacts and flying stones, but also for some parts that are subject to shocks when the bike is transported.

Better protection

High resistant material. Thickness 1.8mm


Use jet pressure washer

Universal Mounting

Compatible with all frames

Glue shield technology

High-resistance adhesive, doesn't damage paint or varnish

High Resistance

No rips, non-crack and secure attachment.


1 m x 25 mm
1.8 mm
Product reference

Our advices and commitments

Mounting instructions

1. Cut the piece of tape you want to fix to your frame
2. Hold the strips against the frame to see where you will need to cut or adjust it
3. Wash your hands
4. Clean the frame with a product like glass cleaner
5. Remove the protective strip
6. Stick the strip down on one side in the middle
7. Stick the rest of the middle of the strip down by slowly moving along the frame
8. Stick the edges of the strip down starting from the middle moving outwards.
9. Rub the strip with a soft cloth to ensure it is stuck down equally and ensure any air pockets are removed.

1. Do not heat it with a hairdryer
2. Start by peeling from one of the outer edges taking care to remove both layers of the product
3. Pull the product slowly back on itself
4. Keep going until all the strip has been removed.
5. For any glue residue, clean it with a white spirit type product without ACETONE.

Maintenance instructions

Product washable using a low pressure hose.


Product designed by our R&D department and made in France.

Quality commitment

The commitment to quality is one of our major concerns. If you encounter any difficulties with this product, please contact our quality department.

Questions and answers

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