How should I clean the rear-view mirrors?

You just need to use a clean, soft piece of material to clean the rear-view mirrors; the same as the one used for glasses.  Cleaning products can be used. The use of acetone is not advisable.

How to choose a rear-view mirror

Choosing your rear-view mirror depends on several factors:

- Level of visibility required

- How it is mounted

- Shape of the bar

The following table summarises the different models and helps you chose the one best suited to you

Which rear-view mirrors are interchangeable?

All our rear-view mirrors can be installed on the left or the right except the Dooback (which has a left and right version).

I can’t attach rear-view mirrors to my handles, what do you suggest?

If your bar can’t have rear-view mirrors on the handles, you can use the Spy. This rear-view mirror can be clipped on to different points of your bike (handlebars, bar-ends …).