Tubeless Kit

Product highlights

Simplified fitting

Slightly elastic tapes


Very good pressure resistance. Minimised infiltration risk

Removable conical valves

Easy to add sealant into your tyre.

240 ml of sealant included

Sufficient for up to 2 x 29” / 3.0” wheels

More details

The Zéfal tubeless kit contains everything you need for Tubeless in addition to Tubeless tyres: specific self-adhesive rim tapes, Z-Sealant puncture prevention sealant, conical valves and valve tool. Our twin-material Tubeless tapes were designed to guarantee remarkable pressure resistance and durability. The addition of elastomer adhesive makes it possible to stop the sealant from infiltrating the rim. Finally, their slight elasticity makes tapes fitting simpler without any creases or bubbles. 

Technical specs

: 9365 - 9368
Width: 20 mm (ref : 9365) / 25 mm (ref : 9366) / 30 mm (ref : 9367) / 36 mm (ref : 9368)
Valve: Presta 40 mm
Tape length: 9 m
Rims: 17-21mm / 22-26 mm / 27-32 mm / 33-39 mm