How should I clean my bottle?

There are many ways to clean the bottle. At Zéfal, we recommend 2 quick and efficient ways.

The first one is to place the dismantled bottle directly in a dishwasher. The second way is to use a nylon-bristled brush to get to those hard to reach places. 

How should I store the bottle when not being used?

Ensure the bottle is clean and dry between uses. Ideally, keep the lid open so that it is well-ventilated.

We advise that it is kept in a dry place at a temperature of 10 to 30°C.

Do the bottles contain Bisphenol A (BPA)?

We guarantee that our entire range of bottles is free from Bisphenol A.

The use of BPA has been banned in France since January 2015. However prior to this date, we had already started to ensure that our bottles didn’t contain it.  

Will Zéfal bottles make my drink taste of plastic?

At Zéfal, we have tried to minimise this taste as much as possible. We use polypropylene or Tritan™, which both reduce the smell and taste of plastic. Therefore, the flavour of the drink is protected.

For other models (like those made from polyethylene), it is recommended that the bottle is washed before being used for the first time to get rid of any unpleasant taste.

It isn’t advisable to keep the bottle closed for more than 24 hours but do ensure it is rinsed well after each use (especially when carrying sugary or energy drinks) to avoid this taste in all bottle.

Why does my bottle have a smell when newly bought?

It is because of the storage of the bottle between its place of manufacture and being sold in a shop. It has been closed for some time. You just need to wash the bottle before using it for the first time and the smell will begin to go away.

Can your bottles be washed in a dishwasher?

All of our bottles can be washed in a dishwasher. We advise that bottles are washed regularly (in a dishwasher or by hand) to get rid of any build-up.

Can I put my bottle in a fridge?

Our entire range of bottles can be put in the fridge. Be careful not to leave it at negative temperatures for too long – we do not recommend storing them in the freezer.

The push lid (cap of the bottle) is broken, is it possible to replace it?

Zéfal offers an after-sales customer service allowing you to order individual parts. All the push lids from the range are available to be purchased through our e-Commerce site.

What is the difference between a bottle with a clip cap and a screw cap?

A bottle with a push cap has a lid that is attached to and clips onto the bottle. It can be opened quickly and is the preferred choice of our professional teams.


The screw cap offers a better seal as it screws onto the neck of the bottle. The downside is that if the bottle falls from the bike in the peloton, it can be very dangerous as it is like a stone on the road.

Are Zéfal bottles made in France?

Yes, our entire range of bottles is made in France under strict quality controls.

Which bottle should be used to keep my drink cool during a long bike ride?

Our thermal bottle Arctica keeps drinks cool for 2.5 hours (depending on the outside temperature).  You will also be able to go for long rides in the sunshine thanks to its 700ml capacity.

The Arctica bottle will also keep your drink warm through winter.

What is the maximum temperature that the Arctica bottle can handle?

It is dangerous to put boiling water in the bottle ; there is the risk that the inside shell could become deformed at temperatures above 80° C and cause lots of condensation between the shell and bottle.

We advise that the bottle is only filled with liquids not exceeding 80° C in temperature. 

Which bottle would you recommend for long rides?

With a capacity of 1L, the Magnum is the ideal bottle for long rides. If you want to keep your drink at a specific temperature, the Arctica bottle can also be used for long rides and has a capacity of 750ml.

Can I put any liquid in the bottle?

Do not put any carbonated drinks in the bottle (there’s the risk that the drink will become too fizzy whilst in transit) or any drinks where the temperature of the liquid is equal to or greater than 80°C and alcoholic drinks.

Please note that any drink containing energy supplements or coffee or tea etc. can lead to a discoloration of the inside of the bottle, bottle lid and bottle opening.