Fortuneo Vital Concept

Fortuneo Vital Concept is a French professional continental pro cycling team founded in 2005. The team is sponsored by Fortuneo (an online bank) and Vital Concept (specialist of agricultural products). Fortuneo Vital Concept is composed by 20 riders claiming a strong Britain identity especially thanks to the black and white stripes on their team jersey.

Our partnership contributes to the rise of the cycling team who demonstrates each year its strengths and motivations. Its first participation in the 2014 Tour de France was a perfect example.

Zéfal supplies the team by pumps, mudguards, bags, bike care products and other bike accessories.

Principaux résultats :
  • 3 participations at the Tour de France
  • World Championship U23 2015 (K. Ledanois)
  • French Championship 2009 (D. Champion)
  • French CX Championship 2016 (F. Mourey)
  • French TT Championship 2011 & 2012 (J. Le Bon)